Mataram Team

Mataram Paint keeps its commitment towards producing innovative and high-quality products.

More than
70 Years

Transforming the ordinary into THE EXTRAORDINARY.

Our Story

The story of Mataram, EMCO, and the paint industry. Mataram Paint has always taken steps…

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Our Business

What is now for the future?

We have pioneered the paint industry in Indonesia with more than 70 years of experience. Our
motivation continues to innovate and produce beneficial coating solutions for our stakeholders
and to protect our environment.

Our company’s development and vision are influenced by our dedication to environmental responsibility. We must learn to reduce our carbon footprint while also promoting the concept as a form of collaborative cooperation with other sectors.

To build a better future, Mataram Paint constantly improves itself to adhere to the global
demands while actively adapting through taking steps that supports change and sustainability.

Our Strategy

With a firm foundation in the paint and coating production sector, we elevate the use of our products from decorative paints to functionally useful products to enhance and support the health and safety of our common community, as well as various businesses and related assets.

In addition to that, we also participate in finding ways to overcome climate change issues through the investment of research and technology which will help improve our products. Investment in human capital; which is high-quality and adequate; ensures our efficiency meets standards and uses more organic materials, also implements environmentally friendly.


Every award achievement is proof that the original Indonesian brand is no less competitive.


Living Legend Brand Award
from SWA Magazine
(2015, 2020)

Indonesia Original Brand Award
from SWA Magazine
(2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2020)

Digital Popular Brand Award
(2016, 2018)

Social Media Award (2017)

Top Brand (2015, 2017)

IDEA Rumah Award 2011, 2013, 2014
as the number one paint choice
Pembaca Majalah Idea dan
Tabloid Rumah KOMPAS GROUP

Superbrands (2010-2011)

Curious where to find us?

Check our location

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