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EMCO now offers a variety of high-quality, innovative, and high-performing paint products that work together to complete your painting needs. EMCO began with our top EMCO LUX Wood & Metal Paint offerings and has expanded its line to include a range of other creative and high performance goods that complement one another to finish the job.


EMCO LUX is the best wood and metal paint in its class. Specially formulated using high-quality resins and color pigments, EMCO LUX delivers glossy colors that are resistant to all weather. EMCO LUX has excellent coverage and dispersion, making it economical to apply.

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EMCO PRIMER WOOD & METAL is a unique alkyd primer paint that seals the pores of wood and prevents metal from corrosion. It has excellent coverage and adhesion to the substrate, as well as an excellent top coat. EMCO PRIMER WOOD & METAL delivers a smooth finish on surfaces so you don’t have to use another layer of top coat paint.

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EMCO THINNER A SPECIAL SUPER HIGH GLOSS s a diluent for spray application. The right thinner for paint, fast-drying, and high in gloss.

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EMCO THINNER B is a thinner for brush/roll applications and has been specially formulated for
thinning alkyd paints, both for wood and metal paints. EMCO THINNER can help paint coats look
shinier and last longer.

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EMCO LUX ALUMINIUM PAINT Chrome Finish is the best chrome finish aluminum paint in its class. Specially formulated using high-quality resin and aluminum.

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