Sailboat Competition

Sailboat Competition

Sailboat Competition 1500 1500 Mataram Paint

Sailboat Racing Competition, Cumpat Village, Bulan District, Surabaya

PT Mataram Paint shows its concern for the fishing community by being the sole sponsor of the Sailboat Racing Competition. The Sailboat Race was held at Taman Suroboyo, Cumpat Village, Bulak District, Surabaya City on Saturday, 31 August 2019 and Sunday, 01 September 2019 starting at 09.00 BBWI until finished. The sailboat racing competition was held in mutual cooperation by residents and administrators of RW 02, Cumpat Village, Bulak District, Surabaya City. The sailboat racing competition was participated by fishermen from various regions such as Sidoarjo, Pasuruan, Gresik, and Madura with a total number of participants reaching 30 fishing boats.

The purpose of holding this Sailboat Race activity is as a forum for creativity for fishermen from various regions. Fishermen can have an opportunity to gather and socialize. And it is also an opportunity to introduce Batu Taman Suroboyo Beach which is the pride of the people of Surabaya, especially the residents of Kenjeran. It is proven in the activity of the father of the sailboat race, the residents came enthusiastically to witness and support their flagship that was competing. Residents also come to enjoy the crowds and the beauty of the beach on the edge of Suroboyo Park. The enthusiasm of the residents to see the sailboat racing competition is in line with PT Mataram Paint’s goal to stimulate tourism and the economy of the Kenjeran residents.

The participation of PT Mataram Paint in the Sailboat Race activity was well received by the fishing community in Kenjeran and the committee. The fishermen and the committee have long known and loyal to use EMCO Lux Synthetic Enamel, the fishermen’s mainstay wood & metal paint. Fishermen in various areas in East Java, especially in the Kenjeran area, Surabaya are loyal customers of EMCO Lux Synthetic Enamel paint. The quality of EMCO Lux Synthetic Enamel as the best wood and iron paint is no longer in doubt by the fishermen. Fishermen used to use EMCO paint to paint the tops of their boats. The boat is painted and painted in such a way that it attracts attention and gives identity to the boat and looks different from other fishing boats. The brilliant color of EMCO Lux Synthetic Enamel and its resistance to extreme weather make fishing boats look more attractive in a relatively long time.

Sailboat Competition, Cumpat Ward, Bulak District, Surabaya

The sailboat race was held in Taman Suroboyo, Cumpat Ward, Bulak District, Surabaya on Saturday, August 31, 2019, and Sunday, September 1 2019 at 09.00 Western Indonesian Time (WIB). The competition was conducted through the cooperation of the RW 02 residents and administrators from theCumpat, Bulak District, Surabaya. It is held regularly as a forum for community activities, most of whom are fishermen. In addition, the Sailboat Competition was also attended by fishermen from various regions, such as Sidoarjo, Pasuruan, Gresik, and Madura, reaching a total of 30 fishing boats. EMCO LUX wood & iron Synthetic paint, the prime choice by fishermen, was present in support of the fishermen who are loyal customers of EMCO.

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